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The Capital range has been designed to meet the demands of people who love to cook and for someone who needs to cook large amounts and fast...

The New Culinarian Range series, with Open Burner highs of 25k Btu and the ability to simmer, will do everything you have wished for from a range or cooktop. Sear, stir fry, melt chocolate, simmer a delicate sauce, bake your favorite cakes and cookies for the kids and of course Roast that big Bird .......

Some will be thinking, do I need to be a working chef to use this range? Well, the simple answer is NO. I feel very confident in saying EVERYONE will cook better using this range or cooktop just by cooking the same way as you always have. Whilst your skill level might not change, using this range will improve your results. If you have a better tool for the job, your cooking will improve.

Please take some time to watch the videos on this site, I am sure you will be more than just impressed with the features of this range from the:

Open Burner,Griddle, Grill, Oven, Broiler, Fit & Finish

If you love to cook, your options have always been limited to one or two ranges based on features and cooking ability. Well, now you have one more option to research.

If your wish list contains any or all the following.... excellent cooking features, easy to clean, low maintenance, stunning fit and finish coupled with excellent customer service, the New Capital Open Burner Culinarian Series should be at the pinnacle of your shopping list.

Your long search for a perfect range may well be over with the introduction of the New Capital Culinarian

ranges and cooktops.


It is Really Not Complicated

 Open Burners give you more control and vastly improved heat distribution over a sealed burner range or cooktop.

Gas Ovens produce moisture which is better for roasting and bread making plus many other  baked goods.

High heat open burners are far superior for wok cooking, searing and stir frying.

  A low even simmer will hold  delicate sauces with ease.

Open Burner ranges and cooktops are easier to clean than sealed burner ranges.

  The rotisserie in the main oven is just unbelievable.

 After 1 hour set at 350° F The average door temp is only 89.13° F, with a 78.9° F. Ambient room temp now that is just so cool.




 Be Prepared this range will




With a 1 year Parts & Labor Warranty followed by a further 3 years Parts only  & Technical Assistance.


This gives the Capital Culinarian Ranges and Cooktops an extensive

4 years of factory & Eurostoves coverage.










Experience the ability of an "Open Burner Range" first hand

Eurostoves offers potential customer a very unique opportunity. 


In our cooking school we have a live Capital 48” + Grill + Griddle Self clean unit. We would love the opportunity to meet you. All you need to do is to fly into Boston Logan Airport. 

We will collect you in the morning, bring you to the store and give you our personal attention, plus one of our chefs will assist you with all your needs while you are with us.

We have found by doing this you will truly know if this range fits your needs. We encourage you to cook the meals you would normally cook for yourself and your family.  We don’t see the point in bringing you to the store to watch us demo how to cook steak to only later discover you are a vegetarian. Cook what you and your family like be it lobsters or chicken fingers, because what you cook is more important than what we cook.

You can speak to one of our chefs over the phone to decide on your menu for the day and we will be certain we have all the ingredients ready to use when you arrive.

After you have finished cooking, we will take you back to the airport for your flight home. 

While this might seem a bit strange, we have found it really does work.  The worst thing that could happen is you don’t like the way the range cooks, best thing that could happen is that you will know for sure if it is the right range for you.



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